Fishing ~ Mr. Pilot Style

I mentioned before that my hubby didn't grow up fishing like I did. I guess he wants to make up for lost time! While fishing with the children one day we noticed there was something much larger than the little Blue Gill they had been catching. Mr. Pilot set out to find out what it was.He caught a little Blue Gill and it seemed like something tried to eat it. Like Jaws.

Sure enough, he was on to something! Yes, the Blue Gill was bait for a much larger fish!

So he caught a couple of pretty big fish and decided we needed to eat them. I must admit, I was not entirely thrilled with this idea...
Lucky for him, his father-in-law was here to show him how to clean it with the neighbor's super dull fillet knife. Also lucky for him, his mother-in-law was here to show his wife how to cook it.
Much to my horror, everyone loved it. All of my children just gobbled it up and asked for more. They paid no attention to the look of "trying not to vomit" on my face. Maybe I'll discover a recipe that makes fish taste good. I guess it is fun, and it is free food for my family. I will give it an honest try. But my husband has to clean the fish all by himself.


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