Catechism what?

During a van ride we listened to the conversation taking place in the back:

Boy to Butter - Who made you?
Butter to Boy - Dod made me (God made me)
Boy to Butter - What else did God make?
Butter to Boy - Dod made all fings (God made all things)
Boy to Butter - Why did God make you?
Butter to Boy - For His own dory (For His own glory!)

We looked at each other and smiled.

Then the conversation continued:

Butter to Boy - Bruder, Who made you? (Brother, Who made you)
Boy to Butter - God made me.
Butter to Boy - Good job, Bruder! (Good job, Brother)

Now we chuckled a bit, this is heart warming.

Just a few months ago we had never heard the word Catechism. My friend Marty mentioned something about it but I pridefully didn't bother to ask what it was. I thought it was some weird pastor's wife thing. I mentioned it to Dad and we both agreed that we thought it sounded catholic or something, and we brushed it off.
Well, fast forward to Meridian where we are learning all sorts of things about family reformation and having a biblical worldview and we are hearing that Catechism word all over the place.
We finally checked it out, and we think it is really great. We should have checked it out a long time ago.
It is so many things, but I am trying to make this blog post short. One of the reasons we are choosing to Catechize our children is to arm them with answers when people, or life, questions their faith. Most young adults leave the faith of their parents by college age because they have a "Veggie Tales" view of cartoonish stories, rather than biblical truth, and once they outgrow cartoons, they outgrow their faith too. We aren't teaching some watered down cartoon stories here. We are teaching the foundations of life. We want to raise children who aren't afraid to stand up for what they believe in, and we are equipping them to do so.

If you are interested in Catechizing yourself or your children, we recommend using TAG as a family. We are all really enjoying it, even our 2 year old.


  1. I have a friend using "Big Truths for Little Kids." How does it compare to what you're using?

  2. TAG is really specific and structured memory verses and catechisms, tailored to ages, and is more like a curriculum. It's full of valuable verses and hymns, which we really love! "Big Truths for Little Kids" seems more like a story book. Plus, some of the reviews on that seem that the storyline might not be biblical...


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