Using Lower Gears.

My husband's super awesome buffalo driving skills plus ear buds with a loud audio sermon and my calculator with math problems like using the tangent of pi to get the angle of the downgrade slope has Mount Shasta behind me with very little shaking and no almost puking.

4,087 miles down. One mountain pass (rated the 3rd hardest/worst in America, I might add) and 532 miles to go...


I think I'll walk.

I would rather walk the entire state of Oregon than ride over one more set of mountains. I'd rather give birth than ride pulling the trailer through Los Angeles traffic. Traffic in the rain. Traffic in the rain in the mountains. Two babies, I'd give birth to two babies rather than do that again. I'm trying really hard to keep busy.I've even taken apart our cell phones and cleaned every last cranny of them with my cowboy hat covering most of my face to block my vision from the traffic and mountains. Maybe this will be funny to me someday and I will laugh out loud about it. Right now I'm trying to keep down my In-and-Out. My kids are oblivious. I am married to a Jet Pilot. I am NOT a Jet Pilot.

Pray for me. Pray for my poor husband who has had to hear me say "slower" about a thousand times. In the last 10 minutes. Only 1,111 miles left to go...


3,000 Miles

We are passing Palm Springs, CA and we need to take off our Thermals, but we are desperately trying to beat the Los Angeles rush hour traffic. We will be staying in our home in Seal Beach for a few days. I don't actually have a home in Seal Beach. But I will in a few hours anyway... I'm really thankful there aren't any steep mountain passes with 18 wheelers who cut us off and splash red dirt slush that freezes on our windshield in the dark here. Those guys made me cry and claim I'd rather walk down the mountain. No more of that, please and thank you!
I'll be enjoying In-and-Out tonight instead. But I really need a shower first.

Hello Southern California, it has been a while.



We are sleeping cozy in our beds, squished right between two 18 wheelers in a sea of about 150 of them. Day 5 of driving and over 2,000 miles and two mountain passes out of the way. I won't tell you about our wonderful time in Colorado- getting puked on every other day and sharing the bug with the grandparents there... Anyhow, we are warm in Arizona. Only 5 more days of driving to go. ;-)


I can meow see meow Denver meow through meow my windshield, meow and my house in my meow rearview mirror meow. It's still weird that we are pulling our house and after 15 hours of car ride, one of our cats needs to go to the bathroom.

And we just got flipped off changing lanes. Hello Boulder! Meow! We sure aren't in the south anymore...


And the is the unmistakable smell of cat urine.


1,000 Miles

A few minutes ago we hit 1,000 miles. It has been wonderful. Since you can't see my face, I'll let you know that I am not being sarcastic. We are having a great time! Right now the littles are sleeping and Guys is reading "Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends" to us (again) and we are giggling about their family idiosyncrasies that are so much like ours. We are stopping at Pizza Hut now, at dad's request. We are 30ish miles outside of Colorado. Yeah!

Amarillo by Morning- day 3

It's really foggy, but we already have 150 miles out of the way today.

Decisions, decisions. We could either head straight up to Denver with the trailer or go over to Albequrque and leave the trailer there (in RV parking on a military base) to avoid pulling on any mountain passes...



Day 2

Dear South East United States, I know you are sad to see us go, but could you please stop crying already?

Pulling a trailer in the rain is a little nerve wracking.


We made it! Day 1

There is something about being on a military base and in our own beds that feels so secure. And a bit odd.
At our first truck stop Pops got out and saw the trailer and realized "hey, that is my house!"
We are driving across the country and pulling our home behind us.

1 day of driving down. 9 to go.

Good night.

Good-bye Mississippi!

You can keep all of your coughs, colds, tummy bugs, mosquitos, ants, and humidity with you.

Your Southern Hospitality though, we are taking with us.

We have meet some truly gracious and generous people here and our lives are forever changed.

We would appreciate prayers for travel mercies, warm weather, and sanity. We just hit our first 30 miles. The baby has already cried herself to sleep, and I've heard 3 I'm boards, 2 are we there yet's, one I'm hungry, and 52 meows. We get to do that 30 miles stretch 100 more times before we reach our new home. Yeah, pray for sanity. Please.

Since I can blog from my phone, I'll do my best to keep you updated on our trip.

We are sure going to miss y'all.