We're all getting crafty over here!

Look what I did!  I'm so excited.  A friend showed me how to put the first skirt together, but I did rest. Including the baby's outfit!  I am bursting with ideas now!

alright, I'll admit, I had a little help from Pops.

Dad and the children have something handy in the works too, so stay tuned!


Our First Fruit

From our garden!!!

Eating something from your own garden is somehow very rewarding.  Yum!!!


A Bed for Baby Bucket!

Daddy made a wonderful gift for our new baby and I am so excited.  I just love that he is teaching himself (with the help of a friend, and a bunch of littles) to build things, and he enjoys doing it very much.

This little bed/changing table is custom size to fit right beside my bed.  This will start out as Bucket's bed, but once baby is big enough to roll over we will use it as a changing table.  It is just perfect for what we need, and it is beautiful too.  Great job dad!

(I wonder if he realizes this means I'll be putting in a request list for book shelves and whatever else we need once we are back in to a house, hehe!)



Now you don't!

I have his curls in a little bag, and I am ok with that.  
Turns out (as usual) my nervousness was for absolutely nothing.  Dad was totally right, he looks handsome and I love it.                                          


Now you see the sweet little curls...

We went to visit our other home (our BFTKC's) in Milton, Florida for the weekend.  My friend Jill gave Butter her first haircut before we moved away so dad decided it'd be nice to have her give Pop's his first cut too.  I was really nervous!