We're all getting crafty over here!

Look what I did!  I'm so excited.  A friend showed me how to put the first skirt together, but I did rest. Including the baby's outfit!  I am bursting with ideas now!

alright, I'll admit, I had a little help from Pops.

Dad and the children have something handy in the works too, so stay tuned!


  1. how cute! I love it. Isn't sewing so fun and satisfying? I should be finished with all the little's things and have it for you on Sunday...
    though it looks like you'll be doing all the sewing yourself from now on! Good job girl!

  2. Seriously?! Girl, you are amazing!! Those are adorable!! How fun!! Thanks for sharing :D

  3. Oh, I love them! Are the skirts from a pattern? And is there possibly a tutorial in the works?


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