My forearms hurt!

I spent much of last week holding puking kids.  The other night I casually announced that my forearms hurt.  Peanut scrunched up her face and interjected "but mom, you don't have four arms!"


We Survived...

One of the situations that had crossed my mind as a dreaded thought about living in the travel trailer was the idea of us getting the stomach flu.  Having only one toilet with 7 people is bad enough, but when people are puking (or doing something else that comes with a stomach virus) I just couldn't imagine.

Besides, there are Murphy's Laws of "The Stomach Bug."

Murphy's Law 1~ if one kid gets sick, they all get sick.  And my kids love to share.
Murphy's Law 2 ~ kids will puke in the most inconvenient places (i.e. their car seat when two hours away from home, mom's freshly washed bed spread, in the toy box with the toys still in it, at the dinner table with dinner on it...) 

I really dreaded the thought of it, but I thought we were in the clear since winter is over.  Not so.

It all started late Sunday night after arriving home from a weekend visit with our BFTKC friends in Florida.

It finally stopped yesterday.

I will spare you all most of the details.

Tuesday night I slept less than one hour.  Only by God's grace was I still kind to the children still puking at 5am when daddy left for work.  Several extra loads of laundry isn't really fun to pay for, nor is it fun to carry up to the bath house.  Luckily we had plenty of buckets to go around so there was no fighting over the lone toilet.  I even got pretty good at predicting when the 18 month old was going to blow and I got really good at catching it.  Except when it was in the car seat, two hours from home.  And my freshly washed bed spread was freshly washed 3 times this week.  And all of the toys in the toy bucket were disinfected, a task I had been meaning to do for months.  And I managed to catch the episode at the dinner table before it ruined all of our dinner, without a moment to spare.

Somehow only Guys managed to remain tummy bug free, even dad and I got to enjoy some bug fun.  Guys was such a blessing, she made pancakes from scratch a few times during the week to help out.  She also drank some apple cider vinegar and washed her hands.  A lot.

Now that it is over, I don't have to dread it anymore.
I wouldn't sign up for it, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I had imagined.  But I am glad it's over.


Prayer for Lizzy

Last night our dear friend Lizzy was kicked by her horse in the abdomen. She ruptured her spleen and is in a lot of pain. They have to wait 24 hours to see if the internal bleeding will stop on it's own and determine if they need to do surgery. She's having trouble with the morphine, so please pray for relief from pain as well as healing and peace.

Here's Lizzy with some of our kids and one of her brothers and her sister...

I'll keep you posted!


Silly Sleepers

It's been awhile and I only have a few Silly Sleepers to share.  There aren't many pictures right now because I am too tired to care how silly my family is in the middle of the night.

 I just wish I could sleep as soundly as they sleep!  :)

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He Still Has His Curls!

Pops weaned about two weeks ago, but don't tell Dad!

Of course, Dad knows Pops weaned, but I am not going to reminding him what he said.  ;~)


Pollen, You Make Me Sick!

There has been a yellow cloud over us for the past week.

The weather has been wonderful, sunny and 80, but we haven't been able to enjoy it for the pollen.  We are surrounded by evergreens, which I love, but they are making all of us sick.

There are yellow cloud monsters coming across the lake and when a bird lands in a tree a big yellow poof comes off of the branch.

The lake has turned into yellow slime

Everything has a fine yellow powder on it.  These pictures are from yesterday, and it is much worse today.  
I don't even want to go outside to take a new picture.

I really wish it would rain!
Runny noses, itchy eyes and throats... Not fun!