I'm a Jet Pilot Wife ~ It's Finally Official!

After applying three years in a row, Daddy was accepted in the Seaman to Admiral (STA-21) Program in November of 2004 and had the honor of being pre-selected as a pilot.

What a long road it has been! 4 military transfers (including entirely across the country and then back again), 3 years of college with an Engineering degree and commissioning as a US Naval Officer, 4 different phases of flight school and a winging, the births of 3 new additions to our family, and a myriad of other life changing events led up to a pinnacle graduation last night.

Mr. Pilot is officially an EA-18 Growler Electronic Attack Pilot in the US Navy.

Every step since being accepted has been a ladder rung to this great achievement.  I could not be more proud of my husband, and every effort he has put forth to arrive here.  I also could not be more blessed by the Hand of the Lord that laid the path.

But the celebration was bittersweet.  With the "welcome to your new squadron, welcome back to the fleet" we were informed that Mr. Pilot is headed to a not so nice place (it has lots of sand) on a date that will arrive before our newest blessing is expected to arrive. Talk about diving in head first.

Since deployment as a jet pilot is inevitable, I suppose it is best to get the first one out of the way, right away.  Not having very long to prepare also has the advantage of not having time to dwell on the impending separation.

Future Blog Post Disclaimer: You can expect lots of talking in code for the next several months.  I am not permitted to say where he is going, when he is going, what he will be doing there, or when he will be back.  I am however, allowed to deliver our baby by myself on Deception Pass Bridge, use lots of sarcasm about war and politics, and write gushy blog posts about how much I miss my husband.


Fear, or Faith?

I thought I might let you know that I passed my glucose test.  After getting the results, I am even more irritated about it than when I was starving, hyped up on sugar, and being poked in the arm repeatedly.
Can anyone explain to me why during the 3 hour test you get the full 3 hours to have your glucose levels drop below 140, but 140 is "failing" for the 1 hour test?  Why didn't they just give me 3 hours to begin with?  I wonder if this is just another scam to get my insurance $ for a test I didn't really need...

It prompted me to poke around a bit...

 Instead of being vigilant about picking up on problems, many health-care providers (doctors far more than midwives) over-test because they fear liability and simply expect trouble. Many of these newer tests were created to diagnose problems in high-risk pregnancies. But with the increased medicalization of pregnancy, they have become routine for healthy women with no known risks. This does not mean that every test is right for everyone, however, or that they are risk-free themselves. There may be a problem that prenatal testing doesn’t show, or aproblem may not exist even if the test suggests it does. Results that are unclear or even misleading can plague your peace of mind and decrease your confidence. The barrage of tests can also make you feel like your health-care provider knows everything there is to know about your pregnancy, which is not the case. 
You can read the entire article here.

I am definitely discovering a lot more fear mongering and playing on our own ignorance.  Suddenly we think the doctors are gods and we ourselves know nothing, that pregnancy is a medical condition that must be treated and not a miracle and blessing.

Do I really need all those tests?  Do I really need to be poked and prodded every 2-3 weeks?  If I don't go to every appointment, get every ultrasound and blood test, is something bad really going to happen?  Is it really my doctor that decides the condition of my baby?

I think not.

For you formed my inward parts;
you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Wonderful are your works;
my soul knows it very well.
My frame was not hidden from you,
when I was being made in secret,
intricately woven in the depths of the earth.
Your eyes saw my unformed substance;
in your book were written, every one of them,
the days that were formed for me,
when as yet there was none of them.
                                                ~Psalm 139:13-16


It's Show Time: Update

I'm still holding my breath for a phone call from Mr. Pilot.  I'll keep you posted!

 You keep him in perfect peace
whose mind is stayed on you,
because he trusts in you.
 Trust in the LORD forever,
for the LORD GOD is an everlasting rock.
                                                      ~Isaiah 26:3&4


Gray is the New Brown?

Or is it the new brown?
Seriously?  I have been on the look out for a coming home outfit and tete (blankie) for our new baby and I am super irritated with the choices at the local shops.

There is usually a plethora of adorable clothes and all sorts of unnecessary baby paraphernalia, but I am so disappointed with everything I can find.

Maybe it's because I am looking for something gender neutral and no one else in America waits to find out if they are having a boy or girl so there is no longer a market for adorable gender neutral clothes?

The only "neutral" items I can find are gray.  The sky is gray here, and that is depressing.
I would like something much more cheery in which to  bring baby home.  It's not like I live in Mississippi any more and can just put on a onesie and a diaper.  It won't be summer until August here.

Where oh where have the "that is sooooo-cute I must have that to put my new baby in" clothes?  Where oh where have they gone?


It's Show Time!

Mr. Pilot walked about 30 minutes ago.  That means he is in his jet and headed for the boat! 

Prayer for sound mind, quick but steady hands, and awesome pilot skills are desired. 

 Pray for qualification, and that I won't go nuts between now and Sunday or Monday when I get to hear from him.

If you think of us over the next couple of days, especially at night, please remember to pray!

This is not exactly Mr. Pilot's jet, but this is exactly what it's about to look like...


Single Digits, People!

I am down to the single digits for how many weeks of pregnancy I have left.  I think I actually have only 8 weeks left. Where has the time gone?!

Sure, there are days that feel like years and I wonder if I have been pregnant forever, but this pregnancy has truly flown by.  Maybe it is because I seem to have misplaced my brain somewhere along the way...

Yesterday I asked Belle if she could please wash Bucket's hands and face without getting her hands wet.
The day before that I responded with "Yes, Wal-Mart" when Bucket pointed to the Ocean.
Today, I gave my empty bowl to Sis and asked her to please put it in the Chicken.

My children are sure getting a kick out of this pregnant amnesia, they even said they are going to start writing the stuff I say down somewhere so we can remember it forever...

I'll start taking guesses as to when this baby is coming (I am due May 18th, my first was 2 days late, 2nd, 3rd and 5th were 3 weeks early, 4th was 4 weeks early, and 6th was 2 weeks early), and if he is a he or if she is a she.
Leave your guesses in the comments.  :~)


It's Boat Time. Take 4. Action.

Dad left on Thursday for the 2nd time to head to the boat.  He needs to CQ (carrier qualify, or prove he can land safety on the back of a little ship in the big ocean in the dark...) before he can finish flight training.  We said our good-byes and our prayers.  We cried our tears.
And then he came home.

The jet that was supposed to take the guys to Virginia broke.  So very comforting.  But we got another night with daddy (quickly scratch the idea of having cereal for supper) and everyone was happy.

Then Friday morning we said our good-byes and our prayers.  We cried our tears.
And then he came home.
Am I repeating myself here?  Nope, you guessed it. The new jet on the new day broke.  Very, very comforting.  So, we got another night with daddy, yay, and had another nice dinner.

Today, daddy left again.  This time he had to be at the jet at 6am so we said our good-byes, but we were too tired to cry.  The jet actually made it out this time.  I pray the jet doesn't break in the sky.

Have you ever driven a little convertible into the trailer of a moving semi?  At 400 miles per hour?  In the dark?  That is about as close as I can get to imagining what Mr. Pilot is about to do.

Praying for peace.


New Dictionary Words

"Baby Milk Holder" - Bra (Pops, while putting away laundry)

"Be bah" - Ketchup or Ranch (Bucket)

"Bok bok" - Chicken (Bucket)

"Doh Doh" - Cat (Bucket)  We have two types of Doh Doh's, So Jo and Woody.

"Socks" - Any 4 legged animal, that is not a Doh Doh. (Bucket)  Our dog is named Socks, but a deer ran across the street and she said, "Socks!"

BTW, any jet that is flying through the sky has Daddy in it, even if Daddy is sitting next to you. (Bucket)


What We Read in 2011

Here is our reading list from 2011. Its fairly accurate, but I think a lot of the children's school books didn't get entered. We did count "twaddle" this year, but that will be a debatable subject for the upcoming year.

Twaddle: trivial or foolish writing

I'm still happy that my family read over 117 books to accumulate almost 20,000 pages read for the year. I will have you know, that they are very excited that we kept these records because now they are aggressively attempting to boost their reading numbers up, up, up! BTW, you have to FINISH the book to have it counted for the year. This is both a blessing and a curse, especially when so many of us (me) start books and can't quite get them finished by year's end...
The Count:
Family 758 pages
Dad 5,698 pages
Mom 3,650 pages
Belle 6,968 pages
Boy 1,935 pages
Sis 328 pages

Ask us about something we read and we'll be glad to tell you what we thought of it!

07/29/11 Peril and Peace M & B Winthrow Church History 222
11/01/11 Withhold Not Correction Ray Bruce Parenting 140

Twice Freed Patricia St. John Historical Fiction 190

God King Joanne Williamson Historical Fiction 206

07/04/11 By This Standard Greg Bahnsen Theonomy 254
10/17/11 Knowing God J.I. Packer Theology Proper 287
07/01/11 City Chicks Patricia Foreman Household 464
07/01/11 Keeping Chickens Michael Hatcher Household 125
07/01/11 The Revolution Ron Paul Politics 167
07/26/11 The Sovereignty of God A.W. Pink Calvinism 261
07/27/11 Spiritual Parenting C. H. Spurgeon Parenting 175
08/06/11 Augustine's Confessions: A Biography Garry Wills History 148
08/08/11 Biblical Economics in Comics Vic Lockman Economics 120
08/14/11 Postmillenialism Made Easy Kenneth Gentry Eschatology 153
09/03/11 Every Thought Captive J. R. Pratt Apologetics 142
09/19/11 The Gospel According to Rome James McCarthy Apologetics 390
09/28/11 Discerning Truth Jason Lisle Apologetics 135
09/29/11 A Weed in the Church Scott Brown Discipleship 300
10/30/11 Understanding Dispensationalists Vern Polythress Theology/Hermeneutics 137
10/04/11 Pulpit Crimes James White Hermenutics 156
11/27/11 Holy Scripture: The Ground and Pillar Vol I David King Sola Scriptura 301
12/04/11 Disciplines of a Godly Family K & B Hughes Discipleship 245

Aladdin and Other Tales of the Arabian Nights N. J. Dawood Fiction 201
12/11/11 The Boxcar Children #1 Gertrude Warner Children's 154
12/30/11 Unconditional Surrender Gary North Dominion 341
12/31/11 The Holy Bible


Cut your Grocery Bill in Half Economides Domestic 272

Joy Brownbeck Spirituality 112

Idols of the Heart Fitzpatrick Spirituality 240

Toward the Setting Sun Mary O'Brien History 112

Loving the Little Years Rachael Jancovich Parenting 104

Food is your best medicine Henry G. Bieler Healthy Eating 256

Start Fresh Florence Tyler Healthy Eating 160

Dancing With My Father Sally Clarkson Spirituality 224

A Promise Kept Robertson McQuillken Spirituality 96

Indian Captive Lois Lenski History 264

Alone Yet Not Alone Tracy Leininger History 201

Large Family Logistics Brenneman Household 318

Organize Simplicity Tsh Oxenreider Household 249

The Holy Bible (ESV)


Sugar Creek Gang Books 1-19 Paul Hutchens Children's 2032

The Kings Daughter J. E. White Spirituality 224

Number the Stars Lois Lowry History

Eragon Christopher Paolini Fiction 497

Elsie's Holiday Martha Finley Children's 234

Elsie's Womanhood Martha Finley Children's 343

Elsie's Girlhood Martha Finley Children's 371

Alone Yet Not Alone Tracy Leininger History 201

Men of Iron Howard Pile Historical Fiction 180

Bible Smuggler Louis A. Vernon History 137

Ink on His Fingers Louis A. Vernon History 127

Aladdin and Other Tales of the Arabian Nights N. J. Dawood Fiction 201

Ten Girls Who Didn't Give In Irene Howat History 157

Dr. Oma Ethel Herr Historical Fiction 197

Medieval Myth's Legends and Songs
Literature 32

God's Marvels in Washington
Science 304

Stories of Beowulf H. E. Marshall Literature 88

Son of Charlemagne Barbara Willard Literature 208

Canterbury Tales Barbara Cohen Literature 104

The Second Mrs. Giaconda E.L. Konigsburg Literature 160

The Renaissance Alison Cole History 64

The Story of Europe H. E. Marshall History 152

Explorers Who Got Lost Diane Sansavere History 126

Poetry for Young People William Shakespeare Poetry 47

My Side of the Mountain Jean George Fiction 177

Riki Tiki Tavi
Fiction 42

The Bible in the Wall H. J. D. Children's 58

Gerrit and His Dog
Children's 83

The Weed with an Ill Name
Children's 110

Godly Heros of the Past Sharon See Children's 103

Jill's Red Bag Amy Lefeuvre Lamplighter 209

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Mark Twain Literature 238

The Picture Bible New Testament Comic 240

Secrets of Drune Tony Abatt

Mummies in the Morn MTH Mary Pope Osborne Children's 65

Pirates Past Noon MTH Mary Pope Osborne Children's 67

Afternoon in Amazon MTH Mary Pope Osborne Children's 67

Day of the Dragon MTH Mary Pope Osborne Children's 68

Twisters on Tuesday MTH Mary Pope Osborne Children's 70

Buffalo Before Break MTH Mary Pope Osborne Children's 77

Dino before Dark MTH Mary Pope Osborne Children's 68

Vacation under Volcano MTH Mary Pope Osborne Children's 74

Teddy's Button LeFeuvre Lamplighter 152

Hour Olympics MTH Mary Pope Osborne Children's 70

Sunset Sabertooth MTH Mary Pope Osborne Children's 68

Thunderstorm in the Church Louise a Vernon Literature 132

I Juan De'Pareja Elizabeth de Trevino Literature 180

The Adventures of Robin Hood Howard Pile Literature 179

Fine Print Joahn Branch Literature

Tale of King Arthur Felicity Brooks

The Middle Ages Mary Quigles


Green Eggs & Ham Dr. Seuss Children's

Helping Mother Landis Children's 30

God Gives Us Work See Children's 30

Morning on the Farm Rudolph Children's 30

Anne of Green Gables (abriged) L. M. Montgomery Children's 174

Fancy Nancy: Spectacular Spectacles Jane O'Connor Children's 32

Fancy Nancy: The Show Must Go On Jane O'Connor Children's 32