I made it!

When you live on Windy Island a.k.a. Whidbey Island where the wind is regularly 25-30 mph and often 50 mph, van doors get ripped off the hinges, balls, toys and perhaps chickens disappear from your yard, sheds and trees get blown over, people walk at an angle and the breath gets sucked right out of little baby's lungs.

So, I made a wind cover.

Dad picked out the fabric.

Bucket made sure the seat still worked.

and I made it!

I bought some cute green flower buttons to add to the straps to make it more girly if the baby is a girl.

There is green minky fabric underneath to give it some weight. 

It was super easy, and also way cheaper than any you can buy, especially since when I went to buy the fabric it just so happened to be 1/2 price.  Yeah!

HERE is the link I used, if you want to give it a whirl.  Makes a great baby shower gift!


My family makes me proud!

Wednesday night we puked a cumulative total of about 78 times and never missed the bucket.  What an accomplishment!

I will share with you how there were children sleeping on my bedroom and bathroom floor.  Each had a bucket and a towel that I had to try not to trip over on my way to the bathroom. I am sure it will eventually be funny to me, that Butter cheerfully asked a billion questions after every time she threw up, and if Pops even flinched she was shoving his bucket in his face screaming "don't miss the bucket Poppy!"   I am pretty sure I lost 8 pounds.  And ripped some of my nonexistent stomach muscles.  I will spare you the rest of the details.

I hope we never, ever experience that again.