Never Leave Your Baby Unattended.

There is a sticker monster on the loose!

Bucket is so in love with her baby sister.  She always looks forward to an open opportunity to decorate her.

This kinda reminds me of the time when Butter decorated her little sister.



My BFTKC has already dubbed our new baby's blog name Shovel, but Dad was thinking she should be called Barrel...  What is your vote?

Just as a refresher, we don't use our real names on the blog...
We have Mr. Pilot and Mom plus
Belle, Boy, Peanut (or Sis), Butter, Pops, and Bucket
and, leave your ideas in the comments!


I have a 10 pound baby.

I am sorry for my terrible slowness at sharing pictures of our beautiful baby!  Our computer broke right after she was born and it had to stay at the Apple place until fixed.

Baby is two weeks old today, and a whopping 10 lbs 2 oz!  I think that is incredible since Bucket was 10 pounds even at her 2 month appointment.  Crazy!

If there were a record for the most kissed newborn, she definitely wins the prize.  She could quite possibly be the most loved, kissed, hugged, and held baby there ever was.

She is very content, and never even has a chance to cry.  We love her so much!


I wish I could tell you our new baby's name...

A new baby is here!
Exactly on time, and exactly perfect.  I'll get around to posting the entire labor story when I am not sleep deprived, but here is the short version:

I had my 39 week appointment on Wednesday and my doc asked me if I wanted her to "get things started."  I knew she'd be asking since she already told me that they don't like VBAC's going past 39 weeks, and I knew I'd be tempted to say yes.  Since I was trying really hard to be patient, I brought all of my children to my appointment to hold me accountable ;~) and she agreed to let me wait another week.  

Imagine my surprise then the next morning things started all on their own!

After arriving at the hospital too early, we left so I could labor more comfortably~ in the van.
We arrived back at the hospital in the perfect amount of time.  No time at all!  No iv, no monitors, no pressure gauges, no being forced to lay on my back in the bed.  No doctor.  

  Just 12 minutes in the hospital and our baby arrived!

Can you read that scale?  9 pounds 12 ounces and 19 3/4 inches.
A whopping 2 pounds bigger than my previously biggest baby!

Hello Biggest Sister!

Baby is so big, the hat the Belle made is too small!

Yet another perfect detail, Dad was right by my side to welcome this new precious life.

So blessed!

And hello to biggest brother!

This baby is big and strong!

Baby's first morning in the Word with daddy.

All right, I'll tell you, we have a new baby GIRL!  We kept the entire family in suspense because the children wanted to find out together if they had a new brother or sister.  She was born at 4:42pm on Thursday and we were able to leave the hospital around 9:30 the very next morning.  The children were at home eagerly awaiting the arrival and big reveal of their newest sibling.  That will be another blog post.

Her birth was everything I wanted minus being at home~ every detail played out perfectly.
You will have to email me if you want to know her name...  It's perfect, too.


Quick Update. Great News.

In case you were on the edge of your seat, I thought I better not leave you hanging.

I am still pregnant. With only 11 days until my due date, this baby is now my "latest" baby aside from Belle (my first) and I'm huge. Ready. Excited. Seriously, I'm huge. Even the casher tells me so.
My husband is still home.
Did you hear what I said???
I am in complete awe that my husband is not going to miss the birth of our baby. God saw fit to move some things around and he will be here until... further notice.

I am super elated.  It took me a few days to believe it.  But the squadron is gone, and my husband is sitting right here beside me, ready to catch a baby at any moment.  This is fantastic.

Hopefully, my next post will include a picture of a sweet new baby and a less huge momma.