Daddy's Girl

Yesterday Peanut and Butter were coloring together and I was listening in on their conversation that went like this;
Butter- Sis, do you love Daddy?
Sis- Yes, of course!
Butter-Well, he is MYYYYYY Daddy!

When I say she is a Daddy's girl, I mean it! Every nap time or bed time when Daddy isn't home from work, she will fuss and tell me how much she misses him. The other day when he got home she snuggled up to him and said "Daddy, I want to keep you!"

During that weekend he was in Taos a jet flew over our house and Butter got very excited and announced, "Did you hear that, that was maybe my Daddy's jet, he is looking for me!"

I am right there with her, I think her daddy is pretty wonderful. I just wonder if she knows how she is wrapping daddy around her tiny little finger. I think it is precious.

So What's Up with My Pregnancy?

Once I realized something was wrong I was able to get into the doc first thing and what I went in for ended up being a blessing in disguise. I was told to take it easy, not lift anything, and not stand around. That is all, go home. Oh, and I'd need surgery once the baby is born. Like it was no big deal. Well surgery is a big deal to me, and I am determined to find natural ways to fix the problem and prove them wrong, but I am glad it wasn't something horrifying. I then asked to hear the baby's heart beat, I don't think there is a sweeter sound short of baby's first cry, but, they couldn't find it. This is one of those moments that you feel the whole world crash around you, but you are determined to be positive, so you look at the doctor with a blank stare while the tears well up... so they sent me over for an ultrasound. I was so thankful they didn't make me wait a few days! Praise God they found the heartbeat and baby is looking good, but they also discovered I have placenta previa. This should not be a problem as it is only partial and will most likely resolve in a few months when the baby is bigger, but in combination with the other issue, it could cause some major problems for me right now~ hence the bed rest. This isn't an ideal situation for a momma of 5, but it is totally worth it.

One of the things we have been doing to pass the time during this morning sick, cold, flu, bed rest time is watch movies. We don't typically spend much time in front of a screen, and not having a t.v. has helped with that, (I was shocked when I recently read that it is recommended that children, even 3 year old's should watch less than 2 hours of t.v. per day. Per day?! That is insane! When do kids who go to school and do homework and play basketball see their parents?) but when you are desperate, you do what you can. We have downloaded a few movies from iTunes to enjoy on our big screen Mac. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was decent and had some good teaching messages but I do not recommend watching it while suffering morning sickness. It was awful. Fiddler on the Roof has been watched several times over the last few weeks and has become a real favorite in our house, we are constantly singing the songs to each other. We have also enjoyed Up, all of the Star Wars saga and Ben Hur... Guys received Mysterious Islands for Christmas, and we all enjoyed that very much. If you have any interest in understanding how God could be real since we've been taught evolution is real, I highly recommend it. I highly recommend it even if you don't have any interest in that, it is very good.

Happy Birthday, and Happy Birthday Again

Guys turned 10 years old. I cannot believe how time is flying. Our birthday budget for gifts is small because we make a fairly large deposit into the Birthday child's bank account. This year though, for the special Decade gift, we decided to get something really special and skip out on the bank deposit. Guys really, really misses our piano. We really miss hearing her play. She is very talented and could never keep her fingers off the piano, so we bought her a very nice keyboard and stand. We totally don't have room for it, so we have to pull it out every time she wants to play, but it is worth it. We also always let the Birthday child pick what we are having for breakfast and for dinner. We had homemade pink waffles for breakfast and spaghetti with meatballs for dinner. Happy Birthday Guys!

Butter also had a birthday, she turned 3! The morning before her birthday she woke daddy and mommy up by happily shouting in our ears "It is Christmas Eve of my birthday!" which of course delighted our hearts. Where does she come up with this stuff?! She was sure to remind us all day long that she wanted a purple birthday, a purple doll with purple eyes and purple eyelashes, purple sparkle shoes for herself and her doll, purple presents, a purple cake, and you get the idea. So for breakfast daddy made her requested pancakes- but he made them purple. (This was his first time making pancakes and they were fluffy and delicious!) She also had purple ice cream and purple cake, and even purple presents. She had a hard time accepting that her birthday was over the next day, and she is already making plans for next year. She is so funny!

A Break for Dad (Sort of)

For the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend Mr. Pilot had his cross country flight. His class of 6 was set to take 6 jets and 6 instructors and fly to Taos, NM for a weekend skiing provided they each completed all of the requirements. All through flight school the Chain of Command has been ever so happy to point out the failure statistics for the guys who are prior enlisted, the guys who are married, the guys who have kids, blah, blah, blah. My husband is told over and over again he won't make it because of his family. He is the only one with kids in his class. He has been running both sides of the show for over two months now. Doing most of my work and all of his. During the week before the cross country, one by one the classmates were disqualified for various reasons... On the day to leave, and only Mr. Pilot was left standing. God is awesome, and my husband is too. So Mr. Pilot and one instructor took one jet to Taos and had a good time skiing. We never like it when he is gone, but we were so glad he got the much deserved break. Well, maybe the planning and flying part wasn't a break, but the skiing part was ;~)

To help the weekend pass by I was planning on taking the children to visit our BFTKC's in Milton, but they were sick. Guess it ended up being a good thing because that is the weekend I discovered something wasn't quite right with my body.

Christmas and a Cold Winter

I want to get these blog posts that have been swimming in my head on here so you could all be filled in on what we have been up to. I finally typed up one big loooooong post, but Dad said it was toooo long so I am going to try to break it up... Here is the first back-post.

We had a nice quiet Christmas at home, it was very simple, partly to go along with the year of simplicity, and partly because I was trying to keep my saltines and ginger-ale from coming back up, but it was a sweet time. We have many traditions that had to be set aside this year, for example we didn't have a tree, but I think we came up with some new ones too. We were supposed to have dinner with friends for Christmas Eve, but they ended up with the flu so we stayed home. Since I hadn't planned on making dinner, we had to throw something together quickly. It was pouring rain and very gray, which also didn't lend a cozy white Christmas feeling, but we made do. We played a very long game of Risk, drank hot chocolate, read the Christmas story in the Bible, and opened our traditional Christmas Eve gift, pajamas.

This winter has been a little rough on us. I know it has been bad everywhere, but I do think we had some special challenges living in a tin can with no heat. Sometime during a heavy wind storm our awning busted off. We had to move our dresser of shoes into the van and now we are constantly tripping over shoes that don't have a place. Without the awning the freezer also filled with rain which promptly froze, so we had to chip our food out. Now it is covered with a tarp. There isn't a closet for the 7 winter jackets the we had to spend 5 hours digging out of the storage unit, so they too, are being constantly tripped over.


Yet another blessing of the travel trailer life...

When you live in a travel trailer and are confined to bed rest, you can direct life from your bed.

I was put on bed rest on Tuesday until further notice for a couple of pregnancy complications. Thankfully the complications should resolve on their own in a month or two. I am doing my best to be mom and wife from the couch, teaching school and directing simple meals, but my husband is truly keeping the show rolling. He is wonderful, he took care of me all during my morning sickness, he did most of the laundry, cooking, and grocery shopping, and plain and simple- picked up my slack all while keeping up with his beyond stressful flight training. Just when things started looking up and I was able to make dinner with out losing it, I was assigned to bed rest. My rock barely bat an eye. It is so very humbling as a housewife to have to rely entirely on your husband to do your normal duties. But, he is so good to me, keeping my spirits up by making me laugh and keeping me positive. Mr. Pilot joked that we might be going broke eating takeout for a month or two, but he would figure out how to feed us somehow. Now matter what we are going through, I am blessed.

This year is truly going to be a year we never, ever forget.


Shots I love...

I was planning on sharing some pictures from Christmas and the past couple of weeks but we got a new computer for Christmas (we decided to Mac) and I can't figure out where the newly uploaded pictures are located... So I just decided to share a handful of favorite pictures I have taken over the last couple of years, pictures that make me smile...

I hope you enjoy!


2009 Slideshow

Every year we do a slideshow, and watch it as a family on New Year's Eve. This is this year's slideshow, watch close and you might see yourself in it too! We had many adventures and many blessings in 2009 we hope you enjoy.

-Mr. Pilot


Thanks everyone!

We appreciate all the well wishes for the new addition to our family. We are happy and excited, and a little cold right now, 18 degrees outside! Please remember that we love to publish your comments and encouragements, but we will not do so if you use any of our families names. Thanks again for all the support.

-Mr. Pilot