Happy Birthday, and Happy Birthday Again

Guys turned 10 years old. I cannot believe how time is flying. Our birthday budget for gifts is small because we make a fairly large deposit into the Birthday child's bank account. This year though, for the special Decade gift, we decided to get something really special and skip out on the bank deposit. Guys really, really misses our piano. We really miss hearing her play. She is very talented and could never keep her fingers off the piano, so we bought her a very nice keyboard and stand. We totally don't have room for it, so we have to pull it out every time she wants to play, but it is worth it. We also always let the Birthday child pick what we are having for breakfast and for dinner. We had homemade pink waffles for breakfast and spaghetti with meatballs for dinner. Happy Birthday Guys!

Butter also had a birthday, she turned 3! The morning before her birthday she woke daddy and mommy up by happily shouting in our ears "It is Christmas Eve of my birthday!" which of course delighted our hearts. Where does she come up with this stuff?! She was sure to remind us all day long that she wanted a purple birthday, a purple doll with purple eyes and purple eyelashes, purple sparkle shoes for herself and her doll, purple presents, a purple cake, and you get the idea. So for breakfast daddy made her requested pancakes- but he made them purple. (This was his first time making pancakes and they were fluffy and delicious!) She also had purple ice cream and purple cake, and even purple presents. She had a hard time accepting that her birthday was over the next day, and she is already making plans for next year. She is so funny!

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