Daddy's Girl

Yesterday Peanut and Butter were coloring together and I was listening in on their conversation that went like this;
Butter- Sis, do you love Daddy?
Sis- Yes, of course!
Butter-Well, he is MYYYYYY Daddy!

When I say she is a Daddy's girl, I mean it! Every nap time or bed time when Daddy isn't home from work, she will fuss and tell me how much she misses him. The other day when he got home she snuggled up to him and said "Daddy, I want to keep you!"

During that weekend he was in Taos a jet flew over our house and Butter got very excited and announced, "Did you hear that, that was maybe my Daddy's jet, he is looking for me!"

I am right there with her, I think her daddy is pretty wonderful. I just wonder if she knows how she is wrapping daddy around her tiny little finger. I think it is precious.

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  1. And Mr. Pilot's heart will break a tad when the day comes this little one finds Mr. Right and he becomes the one who comes first in her heart after God. It will be joyful and yet there will be a tinge of all went by so fast...I don't come first anymore. And although we know these things are meant to be, and we rejoice in the fulfillment of God's will in our children's lives - there's a tinge of sadness to be honored too. God honors it and understands a parent's heart!


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