Yet another blessing of the travel trailer life...

When you live in a travel trailer and are confined to bed rest, you can direct life from your bed.

I was put on bed rest on Tuesday until further notice for a couple of pregnancy complications. Thankfully the complications should resolve on their own in a month or two. I am doing my best to be mom and wife from the couch, teaching school and directing simple meals, but my husband is truly keeping the show rolling. He is wonderful, he took care of me all during my morning sickness, he did most of the laundry, cooking, and grocery shopping, and plain and simple- picked up my slack all while keeping up with his beyond stressful flight training. Just when things started looking up and I was able to make dinner with out losing it, I was assigned to bed rest. My rock barely bat an eye. It is so very humbling as a housewife to have to rely entirely on your husband to do your normal duties. But, he is so good to me, keeping my spirits up by making me laugh and keeping me positive. Mr. Pilot joked that we might be going broke eating takeout for a month or two, but he would figure out how to feed us somehow. Now matter what we are going through, I am blessed.

This year is truly going to be a year we never, ever forget.

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