Big Girls Have a Room

I wanted to have something to show you, and this room is the most "finished." After several rounds of paint testers, dad selected these colors (which are hard to see in the phone camera photo, sorry) and everyone LOVES them.

The sun comes up on this side, so we will need to find some room darkening shades (4:30 is a tad early to enjoy the sun in your face) but overall, it is delightful.

What a fantastic closet!

Belle, Sis, and Butter share this room, and they are very excited.


New House, birds, deer, and box sledding.

Way back when I was on my 2nd, 3rd, or even 10th military move, it would only take me a couple of days to get unpacked and make it look like home.  It was like I knew we would only be there a short time so I had better just get to it.
Not so this time. It is taking FOR.EV.ER.
Maybe it is because life with young children doesn't stop, they still need to be fed and changed, right?  Maybe it is because I am imagining this will be my home for a long time and I want it just right. Or maybe it's because I am distracted with box sledding and bird watching...

and a little uhm, painting.

Leave it to the children to find uses for the excess boxes and the steep slope in our back yard.
Boy mowed out a nice patch for sledding.

and bike riding.


dad takes a turn

Even the baby?!!!

momma and sis

She loves it!


from my kitchen window!

it didn't take long for us to become popular!

someone is going to have deck cleaning duty as a new chore...

This little guy didn't see our window.  He is resting from his intense landing in a paper bag on our deck.  His name is Smasher.

I guess I better go unpack a box or something!

The House

Here it is.  I am told it looks small from the front, but I love it.

This is the view straight off the deck.  Can you see Glacier Peak?



Nothing Really

We are unpacking boxes and painting and cleaning like crazy people.  We are also sledding down the hill in the back yard in the unpacked boxes like really fun people.  I didn't know the new house came with an amusement park!

I am working on a new house post, but it's kinda near the bottom of the to-do list so here is a picture of  my little snicker-doodle in the mean time.