Homeschool Field Day

We finished up our school year with a good 'ole field day.

What a blast!

So as not to miss a beat, we started right in with a new school year!
This year we have added Latin to our Tapestry of Grace year 2 and the children are loving it!  Yes, you can catch me sneaking in my own latin lessons after they are in bed so I can keep up, lol! 

Our days sure are full, but full of good things.


Happy Birthday Baby!

It was like a year flashed by!

Big Brothers and Sisters really enjoy decorating for the birthday girl!

How quickly she has become mobile.

I don't want a stinkin' party hat!

"I like her."

We weren't too sure if she would even care about the doll...

She loves her new doll 'Annie!!!'

She actually hugs her new doll every time she sees her and carries her around.  It is super adorable!

"Ohhhh, pretty..."

 "What do you mean I can't touch the candle?"

SO dainty!  She was not at all interested in digging into her "cake."

But she did like the lil' orange candies!

Happy Birthday Princess.