Alright, I confess!

There is one thing from a house that I miss.

I don't really miss my lovely couch, my wonderful dining room table that actually fits us all (for now anyway,) my big screen tv, my perfect homemade horseshoe homeschool table, a dishwasher, my book shelves, or my washer and dryer.  Ok, maybe I miss my washer and dryer a little bit.

But there is really only one thing that I really can't wait to have back.  Really.

Can you guess what it is?

It's the Bathroom.

As any parent of small children knows, the only place you are ever alone is in the bathroom.  Ever.

We have a tiny little bathroom. The door is about 4 inches off the floor so little hands reach under and steal your socks right off your feet while you are trying to have a "moment alone".  The door doesn't lock so you have to hold it shut while the little hands are stealing your socks.  It is so small you can't turn around in it or get dressed in it.  The toilet is small, weird, and you have to empty the tank yourself.  The shower is about the size of a small port-a-potty and only runs cold water.  Besides, it is full of shelves and laundry anyway.  

And now the door knob is broken.

Completely broken.

You have to hold the door shut, cover the hole where the knob belongs, and hide your socks.

I cannot wait to have a normal bathroom.  With a door knob.  And a shower.  And warm water.

Oh, but this is sure entertaining!


Little Curls

I LOVE this boy's hair.  I think it is so sweet and precious.  

Daddy wants to cut it.  Typical Military Man.  He thinks Pops looks like a girl.  

I said we keep it until someone mistakes him for a girl.  Or, we can do it Old Testament style and wait til he weans then cut his hair and have a feast.

Either way, I'll cry when I say goodbye to his curls.

I'm Back!

Praise the Lord, I am off bed rest!

It was a loooooong 5 weeks, but I survived. During that time I went to church once, the book store once, and out to dinner once.
That is it.
3 times I left my house in 5 weeks.

Remember when I couldn't even stay home for 3 days?

I am so thankful for the help that I had while I was down.  Our church was wonderful, what a blessing it is to have family away from "home".  And my husband is the best, keeping everything running when I couldn't (even if I have to completely reorganize the kitchen cupboards now ;~0 ) Thanks, honey!

But, I am back.  Our little baby looks great, growing just right, and everything is as it should be.  The ultrasound tech even wrote down what we are having and sealed it in an envelope so we could open it all together since I was at the appointment alone.  Some of my family doesn't like knowing, but if you want to know, you can email me ;~)

Here is a "Hello" from our little 5 ounce blessing.  In my copy you can see each bone in those 5 little fingers.  It is so amazing!

We are sooooo very excited.



Pops has been saying potty for about two weeks now. He will shake his head yes or no (in the right direction too) if I ask him if he has a dirty diaper. These are the cues I look for to start potty training, but they don't usually come for quite a few more months.  Pops is only 15 months!

I thought maybe it was a fluke or just because of his advanced speech but few days ago he pulled off his own pants, patted his diaper and said he had to go.  I took off his diaper and he promptly peed on my foot.  It was awesome!

Then he said poo-poo so dad put him on the big potty.

would you believe it, he went!

Twice now!

Did I mention he is only 15 months?

It would be so awesome to have him trained before the new baby comes.

Too bad the smallest big boy undies fall off his tiny little behind.


A Good Laugh

I mentioned to my sweet BFTKC friend that I often struggle with fear during pregnancy.  She sent me this to help out.

Now, if I could just STOP IT! 

Our Snow Day

Last Friday the city of Meridian shut down, including the base, for this little bit of snow.  I must admit it was neat to see the locals all a buzz with excitement.  We dug out what we could find for warm clothes and had a blast playing in the wet soggy snow. 
It was Pops first time and he had a bit of trouble standing in his boots, but he loved it! 
It actually stayed overnight which was pretty impressive.

Our friends in Florida were a bit jealous, they were supposed to get snow too, but their weatherman 

was wrong.

As much as we enjoyed playing in the snow, we all agreed we are ready for summertime.  


From the Mind of a 5 Year Old

Dad- Wonder if the ducks will have ducklings again this year?
Sis- Yeah, during baiting season.
Dad- Baiting season?
Sis- Uhm, I mean mating season.  Baiting season is when the fish bite good.

Can someone please tell me when it is baiting season, I sure don't want to miss it.  Oh man, I love my chuckles.


Happy Boy!

Tonight we had a dessert of pretty Valentine cookies after our dinner.  As soon as Pops saw the cookies he started doing his little dance.  He rocks his head back and forth almost touching ear to shoulder and slowly sways from side to side, while saying "Happy Day" in a sing song voice, filled with excitement.  This totally makes my day happy!  Everyone at the table started laughing and I am pretty sure it made everyone's cookie a little more exciting.

"Respectable Sins" Review

I have been meaning to review this book for sometime but with the morning sickness and everything else that has come up, it got pushed aside like most things around here, but this book was too good to pass up.
I have read a few of Jerry Bridges books, and "Respectable Sins" was true to his straightforward and easy to understand style.
I think this book should be read by everyone, but sadly many would never read it in my opinion because let's face it, how often do we raise our hand and say "examine me!" This book is much needed in these times when it seems everything is acceptable and even the Christian mainstream has forgotten the word Sin is actually in the bible. We make excuses for practically everything and we don't realize the price we are paying for it. If we talk about sin we are usually talking about things like adultery and murder, but what about anxiety, un-thankfulness, impatience, and irritability. Those things are no big deal right? Jerry Bridges does an excellent job of proving that they are a big deal. The consequences are real and often painful.
While this book is highly convicting, Bridges does an excellent job of not being condescending, judgemental or legalistic in any way. He gives practical tips for overcoming these "Respectable Sins" and includes several scriptures for each one as well.
I will be referring back to this book many times as I continue to grow. This is a keeper.
Thanks to NavPress for supplying the book for review.