"Respectable Sins" Review

I have been meaning to review this book for sometime but with the morning sickness and everything else that has come up, it got pushed aside like most things around here, but this book was too good to pass up.
I have read a few of Jerry Bridges books, and "Respectable Sins" was true to his straightforward and easy to understand style.
I think this book should be read by everyone, but sadly many would never read it in my opinion because let's face it, how often do we raise our hand and say "examine me!" This book is much needed in these times when it seems everything is acceptable and even the Christian mainstream has forgotten the word Sin is actually in the bible. We make excuses for practically everything and we don't realize the price we are paying for it. If we talk about sin we are usually talking about things like adultery and murder, but what about anxiety, un-thankfulness, impatience, and irritability. Those things are no big deal right? Jerry Bridges does an excellent job of proving that they are a big deal. The consequences are real and often painful.
While this book is highly convicting, Bridges does an excellent job of not being condescending, judgemental or legalistic in any way. He gives practical tips for overcoming these "Respectable Sins" and includes several scriptures for each one as well.
I will be referring back to this book many times as I continue to grow. This is a keeper.
Thanks to NavPress for supplying the book for review.

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  1. Thanks for the review...I think I'll read this one! Really helps when trying to deal with yourself and others who need your help. Oh...and a big thank you to Mrs. Pilot & Mom...I loved checking in and getting see you got ALOT posted, it's so much fun reading all of it!


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