Pops has been saying potty for about two weeks now. He will shake his head yes or no (in the right direction too) if I ask him if he has a dirty diaper. These are the cues I look for to start potty training, but they don't usually come for quite a few more months.  Pops is only 15 months!

I thought maybe it was a fluke or just because of his advanced speech but few days ago he pulled off his own pants, patted his diaper and said he had to go.  I took off his diaper and he promptly peed on my foot.  It was awesome!

Then he said poo-poo so dad put him on the big potty.

would you believe it, he went!

Twice now!

Did I mention he is only 15 months?

It would be so awesome to have him trained before the new baby comes.

Too bad the smallest big boy undies fall off his tiny little behind.

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