Alright, I confess!

There is one thing from a house that I miss.

I don't really miss my lovely couch, my wonderful dining room table that actually fits us all (for now anyway,) my big screen tv, my perfect homemade horseshoe homeschool table, a dishwasher, my book shelves, or my washer and dryer.  Ok, maybe I miss my washer and dryer a little bit.

But there is really only one thing that I really can't wait to have back.  Really.

Can you guess what it is?

It's the Bathroom.

As any parent of small children knows, the only place you are ever alone is in the bathroom.  Ever.

We have a tiny little bathroom. The door is about 4 inches off the floor so little hands reach under and steal your socks right off your feet while you are trying to have a "moment alone".  The door doesn't lock so you have to hold it shut while the little hands are stealing your socks.  It is so small you can't turn around in it or get dressed in it.  The toilet is small, weird, and you have to empty the tank yourself.  The shower is about the size of a small port-a-potty and only runs cold water.  Besides, it is full of shelves and laundry anyway.  

And now the door knob is broken.

Completely broken.

You have to hold the door shut, cover the hole where the knob belongs, and hide your socks.

I cannot wait to have a normal bathroom.  With a door knob.  And a shower.  And warm water.

Oh, but this is sure entertaining!

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