Just Another Day at the Office

The Dentist office, that is.

My children LOVE going to the dentist.  You'd think we were going to Chuck-E-Cheese or something.

They were excited; I was nervous; we were overdue.

It had been a full year since we'd been to the dentist.  I am normally right on top of dental appointments but with moving and everything else, it just slipped past me.  Not to mention I'd been doing a terrible job keeping up the brushing and flossing the littles...

Whenever I call a new dentist office (we move, a lot) to make appointments they are always very skeptical about seeing any of my 6 and unders. The sweet receptionist usually says they will try to see them but will probably have to refer them out to a pediatric dentist because children that young are just too scared and can't sit still.  I used to argue and tell them my kids are different, but I've learned to just keep quiet and agree to "just try".  This call was no different.  I can't help but proudly think "my 6 and unders will show them..."

Butter could not wait until her turn!  She would get so excited when the assistant would come out to call a name and then was so disappointed each time it wasn't her name called.  The office staff kept commenting on how well behaved and well mannered my children are.  I assured the ladies that my children were just showing off.  They didn't believe me.

Despite our failure to be diligent in brushing and flossing our children's teeth, the dentist seemed to be amazed at our pearly whites.  She said that we must never give our children candy or soda, and that we are doing all the right things!  What?  I was seriously expecting a few hundred dollars worth of cavities for the kids and I since we have been doing such a lazy job.

We didn't get through spotless, we have two children with one "tiny" cavity each, but the bill will only be $37.  I am quite pleased!

Dad reminded me that the dentist must have been lying and that we'd better get on track with brushing and flossing.  I think he's right.

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