The Sun is Shining!

We have been enjoying some beautiful 74 degree weather.
It is so nice.
The other evening we had dinner outside with friends and as the sun started setting down behind the trees, Butter complained~

"Mom, the shade is getting in my eyes!" 

We are going to enjoy the sun as much as possible while it's still 74 degrees.  Soon enough, it will be 98 degrees with 98 percent humidity and I'll be waddling around reminding myself that we don't like it when the shade is getting in our eyes.  :~)

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  1. Us too. We've been outside playing so much the last few days that my muscles ache in a way that reminds me I spend too much time on my butt lately.
    Love, love, love this weather. Wish you guys could have come visit this weekend. [sigh] Maybe another weekend very soon?
    Guess what - Ryan gets to do his next cross country during the week! Crazy.


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