Going Solo, Again.

You may remember when Dad had is solo last year, but this was different. On Friday Mr. Pilot flew a jet.
All by himself.
What an exciting experience and we were so blessed to be a part of it.

It is hard to be nervous when my husband is so very excited.  That sparkle in his eye makes it all worth it for me.

We had front row seats!

After daddy waved us off the wind blew in our direction.  "It smells just like daddy" someone shouted over the jet noise.   Daddy smells just like jet fuel.  That makes me laugh.  I remember when he used to smell like a Navy ship.

It was LOUD!  Guys trying to protect Pops even though he wasn't very grateful...

After watching daddy take off, we prayed for him.  Then we goofed off for a while since he had to leave the area.

The guys doing their solo's have to leave the area to practice spins and rolls and whatever insane tricks they want to practice so they are all by themselves and away from population.  Comforting!

Boy and Guys were disappointed that we couldn't watch daddy do barrel rolls and squirrel cages.  Since I can't see the sparkle in daddy's eye from the ground, I was just fine with not watching, and with not knowing what barrel roll and squirrel cage mean. ;~)

Once Mr. Pilot was done swirling his guts around and risking his life  having the time of his life, he returned to our area to practice "touch and go's" so we got to watch him touch down like he's going to land but then take off and fly away again about 10 times.

With great excitement and anticipation we watched daddy land his final approach and taxi back to where we were waiting.

Hugs for Daddy

And of course, we had to check out all of Dad's gear.

Dad Mr. Pilot chatted it up with some of the other guys about how cool it was that one of his navigation systems went out while he was flying...

It is so very awesome.  I am married to a Jet Pilot.

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  1. Congratulations Son! I sounds like it was the ride of a lifetime! (at least 'till now) keep up the great work...


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