We Were Bored.

Not really.  But we seem to enjoy creating new challenges for ourselves...

I have always wanted a garden.  What better time than now to plant one?!  I don't have a yard, I am tired and pregnant, I don't know if we'll still live here when it's time to harvest, and most of all, I don't have a clue how to garden.  But hey, what is one more thing on my to do list?

Dad has been wanting to learn to build stuff.  What better time than now?!  He's only in flight school, and not busy at all, ha.  Oh, yeah, and we don't have any tools for building stuff.

We both happen to be the determined-headstrong-first-born type.  Once either of us makes up our mind, we aren't about to let anything get in our way.

We decided to take on both projects at the same time, let's have a container garden!  Dad can build the containers, mom can plant the seeds.  It'll be perfect.  Sounds great, right?

So we headed to Lowe's, and bought a bunch of stuff.  Then dad started building.  Then we went back to Lowe's to exchange the wrong stuff and spend more money.

While we made the boxes, the girls made dinner outside.

 Dad's saw-horse helpers.

Mmm, Spaghetti Pie!

Brothers working together.

She really is contributing, by taking a nap!

planting the seeds that need to be started indoors.

The kids painted one box.

 Mom and Dad painted the other.

Just one week later:

Yeah, Guys' flowers are growing and so are the tomatoes!!!  Come on jalapenos!

As much fun as we are having, we don't recommend starting projects without a budget.  Nor do we recommend starting projects and spending money for them without a plan.  Learn from our lesson!

Hopefully, we'll be eating tomatoes, jalapenos, spinach, onions, carrots, and (whatever other seeds someone threw in the cart) this year... If not, it's a learning experience.  An expensive one.

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