A Break for Dad (Sort of)

For the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend Mr. Pilot had his cross country flight. His class of 6 was set to take 6 jets and 6 instructors and fly to Taos, NM for a weekend skiing provided they each completed all of the requirements. All through flight school the Chain of Command has been ever so happy to point out the failure statistics for the guys who are prior enlisted, the guys who are married, the guys who have kids, blah, blah, blah. My husband is told over and over again he won't make it because of his family. He is the only one with kids in his class. He has been running both sides of the show for over two months now. Doing most of my work and all of his. During the week before the cross country, one by one the classmates were disqualified for various reasons... On the day to leave, and only Mr. Pilot was left standing. God is awesome, and my husband is too. So Mr. Pilot and one instructor took one jet to Taos and had a good time skiing. We never like it when he is gone, but we were so glad he got the much deserved break. Well, maybe the planning and flying part wasn't a break, but the skiing part was ;~)

To help the weekend pass by I was planning on taking the children to visit our BFTKC's in Milton, but they were sick. Guess it ended up being a good thing because that is the weekend I discovered something wasn't quite right with my body.

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  1. Mr. Pilot was very humble when he was telling Mom all about his Cross Country...he only told me about a couple of bumps. He did mention that he was the only one taking his cross country flight, but didn't really comment on reasons others weren't and I didn't get the impression at all that he had just overcome the obstacle of won't pass list of WHY's the command keeps giving him. That makes me even more proud of him...and just warms my heart! I mean should be able to brag a little to your Mom...but he just doesn't really feel the need and I respect that!


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