I wish I could tell you our new baby's name...

A new baby is here!
Exactly on time, and exactly perfect.  I'll get around to posting the entire labor story when I am not sleep deprived, but here is the short version:

I had my 39 week appointment on Wednesday and my doc asked me if I wanted her to "get things started."  I knew she'd be asking since she already told me that they don't like VBAC's going past 39 weeks, and I knew I'd be tempted to say yes.  Since I was trying really hard to be patient, I brought all of my children to my appointment to hold me accountable ;~) and she agreed to let me wait another week.  

Imagine my surprise then the next morning things started all on their own!

After arriving at the hospital too early, we left so I could labor more comfortably~ in the van.
We arrived back at the hospital in the perfect amount of time.  No time at all!  No iv, no monitors, no pressure gauges, no being forced to lay on my back in the bed.  No doctor.  

  Just 12 minutes in the hospital and our baby arrived!

Can you read that scale?  9 pounds 12 ounces and 19 3/4 inches.
A whopping 2 pounds bigger than my previously biggest baby!

Hello Biggest Sister!

Baby is so big, the hat the Belle made is too small!

Yet another perfect detail, Dad was right by my side to welcome this new precious life.

So blessed!

And hello to biggest brother!

This baby is big and strong!

Baby's first morning in the Word with daddy.

All right, I'll tell you, we have a new baby GIRL!  We kept the entire family in suspense because the children wanted to find out together if they had a new brother or sister.  She was born at 4:42pm on Thursday and we were able to leave the hospital around 9:30 the very next morning.  The children were at home eagerly awaiting the arrival and big reveal of their newest sibling.  That will be another blog post.

Her birth was everything I wanted minus being at home~ every detail played out perfectly.
You will have to email me if you want to know her name...  It's perfect, too.


  1. What great pictures! I love them! Congratulations!

  2. I wish you would hurry up and write these other blog posts! I know you aren't busy or anything. ;) Congrats! She's so beautiful!


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