Gray is the New Brown?

Or is it the new brown?
Seriously?  I have been on the look out for a coming home outfit and tete (blankie) for our new baby and I am super irritated with the choices at the local shops.

There is usually a plethora of adorable clothes and all sorts of unnecessary baby paraphernalia, but I am so disappointed with everything I can find.

Maybe it's because I am looking for something gender neutral and no one else in America waits to find out if they are having a boy or girl so there is no longer a market for adorable gender neutral clothes?

The only "neutral" items I can find are gray.  The sky is gray here, and that is depressing.
I would like something much more cheery in which to  bring baby home.  It's not like I live in Mississippi any more and can just put on a onesie and a diaper.  It won't be summer until August here.

Where oh where have the "that is sooooo-cute I must have that to put my new baby in" clothes?  Where oh where have they gone?


  1. Oh my gosh! I know! I haven't had a didn't have those "I must have this!" clothes with LillyAnne and she actually has a grey shirt with black pants! I don't dress my daughters in grey! It's a fad. A bad fad.

  2. They're all here in Florida. Evertime I go to the store I see new baby outfits that I simply MUST have but I'm not pregnant again. Yet.

    How 'bout a yellow?


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