Single Digits, People!

I am down to the single digits for how many weeks of pregnancy I have left.  I think I actually have only 8 weeks left. Where has the time gone?!

Sure, there are days that feel like years and I wonder if I have been pregnant forever, but this pregnancy has truly flown by.  Maybe it is because I seem to have misplaced my brain somewhere along the way...

Yesterday I asked Belle if she could please wash Bucket's hands and face without getting her hands wet.
The day before that I responded with "Yes, Wal-Mart" when Bucket pointed to the Ocean.
Today, I gave my empty bowl to Sis and asked her to please put it in the Chicken.

My children are sure getting a kick out of this pregnant amnesia, they even said they are going to start writing the stuff I say down somewhere so we can remember it forever...

I'll start taking guesses as to when this baby is coming (I am due May 18th, my first was 2 days late, 2nd, 3rd and 5th were 3 weeks early, 4th was 4 weeks early, and 6th was 2 weeks early), and if he is a he or if she is a she.
Leave your guesses in the comments.  :~)


  1. LOL!! That made me giggle :D
    Ok, I'm guessing SHE will come exactly 15 days early :)

  2. Girl. May 1st.

    Or May 4th. I haven't decided yet.

  3. This one will be on's the law of averages or something. Haha! I can say this with certainty because I have no kids AND I stink at math! :)
    Thanks again for the blessing of your blog. :)

  4. I dunno, I'm nowhere near pregnant, but I just heard myself ask a boy, "Is that the dog I smell snoring?" Hehe :)

  5. Exciting times!!! My guess is 5 days early!

  6. Fun!! Wow I didn't know you were so early all those times! OK I am guessing you will be 2.5 weeks early, and he will be a he. :)


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