I'm a Jet Pilot Wife ~ It's Finally Official!

After applying three years in a row, Daddy was accepted in the Seaman to Admiral (STA-21) Program in November of 2004 and had the honor of being pre-selected as a pilot.

What a long road it has been! 4 military transfers (including entirely across the country and then back again), 3 years of college with an Engineering degree and commissioning as a US Naval Officer, 4 different phases of flight school and a winging, the births of 3 new additions to our family, and a myriad of other life changing events led up to a pinnacle graduation last night.

Mr. Pilot is officially an EA-18 Growler Electronic Attack Pilot in the US Navy.

Every step since being accepted has been a ladder rung to this great achievement.  I could not be more proud of my husband, and every effort he has put forth to arrive here.  I also could not be more blessed by the Hand of the Lord that laid the path.

But the celebration was bittersweet.  With the "welcome to your new squadron, welcome back to the fleet" we were informed that Mr. Pilot is headed to a not so nice place (it has lots of sand) on a date that will arrive before our newest blessing is expected to arrive. Talk about diving in head first.

Since deployment as a jet pilot is inevitable, I suppose it is best to get the first one out of the way, right away.  Not having very long to prepare also has the advantage of not having time to dwell on the impending separation.

Future Blog Post Disclaimer: You can expect lots of talking in code for the next several months.  I am not permitted to say where he is going, when he is going, what he will be doing there, or when he will be back.  I am however, allowed to deliver our baby by myself on Deception Pass Bridge, use lots of sarcasm about war and politics, and write gushy blog posts about how much I miss my husband.


  1. Congratulations on the pilot part of it! Sorry for the missing your husband part of it. I hope it's not a long deployment!

  2. i want to hear it all, and we will surely be praying for you and mr.pilot! His safety, your sustaining grace while he is gone, your safety, baby's safety, God providing help to you in many many ways. Kelli is doing the same thing right now, her Mr.Pilot is gone to a sandy place too. The Lord bless your time together til he leaves...oh, and many, many

  3. Proud to know you BOTH :) Love and prayers!!!!!


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