Mr. Pilot's J-O-B

He's Bouncing Again.
That amber light on the front of the jet means Mr. Pilot is on speed (the proper pitch to have a hook catch a wire). 

Sis is holding the paddles controller, "When you push this button Dad will give the jet more power!"

Ready, set, go!

When your tire goes from 0 to 180mph in .2 sec, it releases the "magic smoke"...

It is ridiculously loud where these kids are really can't imagine it unless you're there.

"If you push this button, Dad will wave-off." (apply MAX power and fly away)... 
What do you think happened?

Those red "wave-off" lights on the left and the burners lit on the back of the jet, that is what happened.
That was so loud, the new baby jolted.

Normally the lens (the lights in the left background) has the green "datum" to show your reference for how high or low you are from glideslope.  The ball is vertically oriented between the datum's and when it's in the middle you are "on-glideslope."   

I posted back in December that it was mustache time. That should have been over at the end of January, but my dear sweet hubby is sporting his stache still. He had a few hiccups and bumps which caused a bit of stress, but he will be going to the next boat in March. That gives us a few more weeks to hang out and for him to get extra bouncing practice (that is comforting to me, since he has to land on the ship in the ocean in the dark) before he finishes this part of his training.

There are 2 squadrons needing Pilots and 2 Pilots needing squadrons when they finish in March. One squadron deploys (as in leaves for 6 months and doesn't get to visit) in May. I am praying my due date is wrong or something...


  1. That is so cool that you guys went out to watch Dad bounce. I've heard that it is good inspiration and motivation for all!!!

  2. Super interesting post, with all the lingo! And will pray about that next assignment......... :)


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