2 Birthdays Have Past

Guys. She needs a new nickname. Guys just doesn't suit her anymore.
She is such a lovely little girl young lady. She really is a young lady now and she is blossoming right before my eyes. Conversations with her are changing. Don't misunderstand, she can still talk the head off a sleeping chicken, but her understanding of the world around her is growing and deepening and it's impressive. Belle can usually be found behind a book, and is especially pleased when she also has a chicken on her lap while she is reading.

12 candles. My goodness. 

Now she can listen to her books while holding her chicken.  She likes that!


Butter got to celebrate early since daddy had to be in Florida for a few weeks.
The big 5! We didn't get through breakfast before Butter was asking if her tooth was going to fall out yet.  Remember when she was two and she said "When I drow up and I'm free, my toof is dunna tum out!"  ? I remember that post like it was yesterday.

She is still very much my "little mommy" and is known to make her little sister squeal from too much smothering loving, but she is learning to tone it down a bit.  

Daddy had to be gone for her special day, but she was giddy with excitement when he called. 

Happy Birthday Girls!  I am so blessed to be your mama.


  1. Aw, Happy Birthday, beautiful girls!
    We were just talking this week about how old Belle was; now we remember :)
    Thanks for posting these pretty pics!
    (And, "talk the head off a sleeping chicken," hee hee :))

  2. AWW! Belle is getting sooo old! Such a gorgeous young lady you're turning out to be, Belle!

    Oh. My. Gosh. I cannot believe Butter is FIVE. D: Just reminding me how horribly long it's been since we've seen y'all...y'all really need to come for a visit or something!


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