I can meow see meow Denver meow through meow my windshield, meow and my house in my meow rearview mirror meow. It's still weird that we are pulling our house and after 15 hours of car ride, one of our cats needs to go to the bathroom.

And we just got flipped off changing lanes. Hello Boulder! Meow! We sure aren't in the south anymore...


And the is the unmistakable smell of cat urine.



  1. Hurray! (Except the cat part :p ) You must be exhausted.... Let us know what your week looks like once you get settled, and if we're still on for Wednesday night coffee and Friday play date (or if you even have more time to spare!).

  2. Very cool! Erin has asked if she could see you before you head out of here, I dont have any contact info for her, but I am sure you could send her a message on Facebook or something. I am glad you are making it and everyone is safe.

  3. Glad you made it there safe!

    And that was a really funny post.



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