Pops is 10.5 months

He is walking about like crazy now, all over the trailer. He is my earliest walker! It is so wonderful to see his little personality showing more and more. He is such a snuggle bum and he loves to give out kisses. Pops also loves to give very loud raspberries, especially when someone is praying and he is supposed to be quiet. He likes to squeal when Butter wrestles him to the ground, he claps when he hears If You're Happy and You Know It and when he wants me to pick him up he claps once and raises his arms. He doesn't have many words yet, but he loves to point and growl at his daddy. It is boy talk, you know.

He is a beloved son!

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  1. Oh my goodness, he is getting way too big! Sob. He is one good-looking kid, though.

    Kait Culburrito


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