Who you calling Butter?

Butter doesn't like her nickname. She told me so. She said, "I not Budder, I Drazy."

Why the nicknames? First, we love nicknames. When we choose names for our babies, having a good nickname is one of the first qualifications. Second, we chose to use only nicknames on this blog for our own safety. Since our Head-of-the-House has to leave often and there are a bunch of crazy people out there, we don't want to open ourselves up for any danger. You can understand.

I have in our profile a little key to help you out with who is who, but I figured I would post it here too, just for clarification.

Dad, Hubby, Head-of-the-House, or Mr. Pilot- is the daddy. He is an Ensign in the US Navy was prior enlisted (he has been in the Navy for 11+ years and took the long road to get where he is) and is now in Flight School for Jets

I am just Mom. I don't really call myself any nicknames, that would be silly. But I am a Help Meet, Mother, Homeschool Teacher, Photographer, Cook, you get the idea...

Guys is 9. She is a tomboy and she loves horses, catching lizards and bugs, reading, and helping out with her younger brothers and sisters. She got her nickname because when I yell "Guys, come here" she is the first child who comes. Naturally, Butter thought her name was Guys.

Boy is 8. He has a big heart and loves all things boy. He is eager to help and is a wonderful big brother. He was the only boy for a long time, so we called him Boy. Plus, he asked me not to use his other nickname on here (it's Bugger.)

Sis, Sissy, or Peanut is 5 and she is super sweet and full of sass. She is always smiling and is our family fashion advisor, a very girly-girl. She is a Peanut because she is super small, just the way God made her.

Butter is 2, she's a full blown daddy's girl. She loves to help with the baby, to sing and she talks non-stop, and is the strong-willed type. Butter showed her strong-willedness right from the womb, she got her butt stuck and forcing me to have a c-section. We thought the nickname Butt was too short and Buttercup too long, so she got Butter. She goes nicely with Peanut. Guess I better be on the lookout for a new nickname for her. She said I could call her Drazy which is her pronounciation of a version of her middle name. It sort of rhymes with Crazy. Sort of. Did I mention she is 2?

Pops or Lil Bird is the current baby. He'll be 1 at the end of October and is already climbing on the table and walking around a bit. He is a very happy baby and is going to be so tough with all his big sisters that love to play mommy with him. Pops is not a grandpa, Butter just started calling him that one day. We are not sure where she got it from. If you know his real name, you know why Lil Bird is fitting.

It is funny because our friends that just visited were calling our children by their "blog names" since we hadn't seen them in so long and they had been reading all of our posts.

I hope that clears up any confusion. Oh, and there will be a quiz later...


  1. Haha! That's funny, because as I was reading this, for a couple of seconds I really was thinking, "What IS Butter's name?" LOL!! Don't worry, I remembered :D

  2. Hehe. I did it most with Pops. It just seemed to fit, and I'm big into nicknames, too. I didn't have a problem with calling Butter Butter; I never did. I like her middle name to much. Maybe you hould change her name to Rebel...:)
    I called Sis Sister once.
    "You just kicked me, Sister!" Is what I said.
    She told me not call her that.

    Kait Culburrito

  3. I totally think you should have a nickname, too. I'll give you one.
    Gotta think on it though.

    I'll be back.


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