Look out Milton, here we come!

Well, Mr. Pilot left yesterday to go out to sea. He is such a sailor, it is like the boat calls his name. By the way, I think there is a rule that you can only call it a boat if you are actually in the Navy, because it's a ship. Today he'll get to ride in a C-2 (plane) and trap on a carrier that is out in the ocean somewhere. In 7 days he'll get to take off from the carrier to come home.

Trap: (The (future) pilot's wife definition) The pilot of the plane has to land on a boat by catching a wire with a hook at the bottom of the plane to stop them from crashing in the ocean. If he misses the runway, he crashes into the boat. If he misses the boat, he crashes into the ocean. If he misses the wire, he crashes into the ocean.

Carrier Take-off: (The (future) pilot's wife definition) The boat isn't long enough for the plane to gain enough speed to take-off and it would just drop off the end of the boat into the ocean if it tried, so the plane is flung off the boat like a rock in a high speed sling shot. If the pilot pulls up too quickly, he crashes into the ocean. If he doesn't pull up fast enough, he crashes into the ocean.

Do you notice the crashing into the ocean theme here?

While this is all very awesome and exciting for Mr. Pilot, it is not so much for me. So, in true Navy Wife fashion, I am going out of town while he is gone. It helps the time pass.
We are going to visit the "Culburrito's" and the rest of our wonderful friends we left behind in Florida. We are staying with the Culburrito's and their 7 children. We are prepared to have a blast. I am going to visit my Help Meets group, go to our old Church, and our homeschool co-op. We are also going to Target and the Waterfront Mission. There isn't a Target with-in an hour drive from us here, and even though I am not going to buy anything, I just want to go inside and remember... The Mission is where we got all of our clothes for $2.99 and I am in need of a few items. I haven't been able to buy them here because I couldn't allow myself to pay $19.99 for something when I know I can get it for $2.99

We are all very excited. For the last week or so, every time I mention the trip the children sing the Doxology. It is quite funny. They have been asking since 6am if it is time to go yet. We are going to MOPS first, and that doesn't even start for 2 more hours. Then we have to come back home and pick up our pets and then drive 4 hours to Florida. It might be a long day.

I am glad my husband gets to do what he loves to do. Seeing that sparkle in his eyes is totally worth it. I am glad that we are able to take this trip. I am glad that we have friends that are willing to put up with us, er, I mean, put us up for the week.

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow...


  1. Can't wait to see all you guys!

  2. I am glad you get to go see your friends, but we sure did miss all of you here at Northpointe Sunday. We are planning to have a crew ready to take care of your "stuff" on Friday.



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