Open the windows please!

It is hot in Mississippi. Really, sticky, stifling hot. I have lived in a lot of different places in America and the people from each place have a different definition of hot. I can say that it is HOT here. San Diego isn’t hot, it is really warm. Virginia is just nice. Colorado’s temperature can rise above 100, but with no humidity you can still play outside. Chicago’s temperatures can get up there, but there is always a breeze. Iowa gets pretty muggy and almost hot. Florida gets disgustingly hot with humidity but you can jump in the ocean. Mississippi is really, really muggy. I’d have to say worse than Florida.

Our air conditioner is broken.

I just keep reminding myself that people made it through before there were air conditioners. Maybe I'll shed a few pounds by sweating while I sleep tonight. If I sleep tonight.

Thankfully, we know (think we know) what is wrong with it, and will (hopefully) fix it tomorrow after Mr. Pilot comes home from work.

Good thing we are all drinking tons of water!


  1. It is not that hot, gross!!! LOL.

    Yesterday we jumped in the car a hour early for church and just drove around. How awful it that?

    It is fixed now, PTL! We actually figured it out and fixed it at 11 last night because we couldn't stand it any longer.

  2. Thank goodness....

    Did you hear we may get a little snow tonight?! Not that I'm rubbing it in or anything, hehe :)

    Miss you...


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