that is how much sleep I feel like I got last night. Pops decided he wanted to play. All night long. You know what I am talking about? Right about the moment I would get comfortable and drift into twilight, he'd start screaming. It sort of felt like a cheese grater on my forehead. It would have been fine if he just wanted to snuggle up and sleep with me and Dad, but no, he wanted to play. I am too old to play at 2 am.
I thought maybe he would sleep in and I'd get to catch up on my long lost z's. Nope. He greeted me with a big fat grin bright and early this morning. The kind of grin that makes me want to eat his cheeks. I could just gobble him up. What a shnooker.

There will be a nap time today. I can't wait.

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  1. Oh - you know I feel your pain.
    At least it's short lived. Though, I kinda miss it when Sam used to do that.


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