Happy Anniversary Mom!

Ten Years Old

He brought us together,
not so long ago.
We started this journey,
with love still unknown.

Still He bonded us as one,
A covenant we spoke.
I was still just a boy,
when our love almost broke.

With pain in our hearts,
He took us in His arms.
Fashioning His Spirit within us,
His truth became ours.

Separately He mended,
for our sins were all paid.
Bringing us back to His plan,
showing the family He'd made.

Our lives came into focus,
and a path He had lit.
Slowly we understood,
what all of it meant.

As we've grown from place to place,
I find I love you more and more.
Funny how the better we follow,
so much more He has in store.

So with my quiver increased,
I'm glad I've got you.
Looking for new joys to come,
Oh, the blessings poured out,
since saying:
"I do."


  1. Beautiful... and so romantic... You are blessed!!!

  2. Wow, that was awesome. Did you cry?? Did you have a great anniversary? I miss you guys!


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