Sorry, there won't be many posts this week.

But there will be a ton next week to make up for it because this week is jam packed with excitement.

First, my parents are in town.  They came to spoil us and love on us and we are just soaking it all up.  Time with grandparents is so precious for my children.  As a military family we have to take advantage of every opportunity we have to spend time with loved ones.

Second, Thursday is a most special day.  We will be celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary.  I cannot tell you how excited and blessed I am!

Last, also on Thursday, the coolest family on the planet (besides us, of course) is coming to spend the rest of this week with us.  It is going to be crazy!  They have 7 amazing children and we are going to take over the trailer park with their 7 and our 5, well behaved, unsocialized, modest, & weirdo children.  Look out bugs, frogs, fish, and lizards, here we come!

It is going to be an awesome week!


  1. It's gonna be awesome! We're leaving here around noon.

    See ya tonight!


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