Could I be thirstier?

(Dad dictates mom’s blogging thoughts literally)
Mom: Day 1 down. Surprisingly, it didn’t really seem like all that much water. How many ounces are in a gallon?
Dad: 128.
Mom: And I drank? Yeah, 80.
Mom: I drank half a gallon of water today, and I’m…thirsty. Maybe I normally drink the appropriate amount of water or something, because I feel no different. I’m considering bumping up my intake over the recommended amount.
Dad: Isn’t that just cuz you’re looking for some sort of major difference?
Mom: Like I said, I want to enjoy changing the cat box.
Dad: (Perplexed) Ok, so….
Mom: Although I’ve never measured the amount of water I drank before, I don’t feel like I drank any more than normal today. However, I must admit I’ve never paid attention to the amount of water my children are drinking, so they might be the true test.
Dad: Yeah, but I drank my water this morning and was sweating like a dog while working outside.
Mom: Ok, then for you, but you don’t really drink that much water normally. But I DO drink that much water, and at least 3 cups when I wake up to pee in the middle of the night.
Mom: Then type Dad says, “At work today in the hanger he was sweating like a dog.”
Dad: Um, hmmm.
Mom: I don’t know you say whatever you say you thought.
Dad: No, you go ahead this is working well. (hehehe)

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