I'ma goin fishin on a bright n sunny day...

Our neighbor came back from the store with cane poles for my children the other day. What a sweet woman, and what lucky children. We had a blast fishing!

This was an exciting new experience for most of us. My husband is such a good sport, he is not a fisherman. I grew up fishing, but I must admit, this is the very first time I have gone fishing without my daddy.

Oh wait! There was one time up in the Yampa Rivers on a camping trip with my in-laws. I was sick with child, it had rained the entire weekend, am my smelly dog had just jumped in the river; this is not a good combination. I was already nauseas just thinking about the 5 hour drive down the mountains with my smelly wet dog in the overloaded van. I was soooo done with this trip, but the rain had finally let up and my entire family wanted to go fishing. I sat selfishly in the car attempting to hide my irritation. Didn't anyone care that I hadn't slept a wink for the last two nights and I just wanted to stuff my head in a pillow and fall asleep for a few weeks? While I watched them from the side view mirror my irritated sigh turned into little chuckles watching them casting and reeling in fishless hooks over and over again. I finally decided to suck it up and join my family in their feeble attempt to catch a fish in the cold mountain river. I marched my nauseas self over, cast out my line, and reeled in a fish in about 6 seconds. I think my response was something along the lines of "There. Can we go home now?" I must admit though, I was feeling a little proud. I think "show 'em how it's done" maybe, just maybe crossed my mind. Must have come from the hidden hick-chick with-in. So there you have it, that is the only time I have been fishing without my dad. Oh, and just so you know, I am determined to not be so cranky or nauseas next time I am with child and I am ever grateful for my family who so graciously forgave my morning sickness crankiness.

I got a little side tracked, sorry! Now, back to the post...

Sis cast out her pole and had a fish almost instantly (maybe because she is wearing my shoes?)

you can see in her face that she is not too sure of it, she is a big time girly-girl

Pops didn't want to miss out on anything

brother had to show the sis how to get the fish off the hook
(Mr. Pilot might have been cringing in the background, shhhh)

and they had to inspect it, of course

then boy got his first fish

there's nothing like fishing in your pj's outside of your trailer... hahaha!

and Guys got the biggest catch of the bunch!

Finally, one for Butter too! She was so excited!

that is, until it wiggled. Poor sweet girl! But, she never let go while I fumbled with the camera to take her picture. She is so brave!

and Pops had enough, can you hear his high pitched scream? He was done missing out on all the fun!

We are certainly having a good time, experiencing new things, spending time together. Fun stuff!

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