Silly Sleepers - these make me chuckle

If you were somehow able to take a peek though my monthly file folders of pictures you might wonder if I have a camera glued to my face or if I ever sleep. The sheer number of pictures I take is a little astonishing, and the number of pictures I take while I should be sleeping is absurd...

My children do each have their own bed, I assure you! We always tuck them into their own bed each night, yet when I get up to feed the baby or get a drink I often have to move a child off of my legs and then trip over another on the floor.
Since no one in my house is as silly as I, you'll not find a picture of me sleeping. For that, you are lucky!


  1. Jessica, one would swear you've placed each one of them into these contortionist postitions! These are wonderful pictures. Sweet dreams baby lambs.

  2. Have I told you that I love your blog? We miss you guys so much and, now that we're moved into our new place, we're putting a visit to you guys at the top of our list! Yippee!
    See ya soon!

    Oh, Marty and Kait took some pics of Jesse yesterday. I posted some on our new family blog -


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