here's that Sufficiency word again...

Here we go! As part of God’s incredible plans for our family he has brought us the news of this amazing conference in Cincinnati, OH this December. It is called the “The Sufficiency of Scripture” conference, and we are excited because many of the speakers come from many of the different ministries that we have been influenced by and are following, including:

Voddie Baucham Ministries
Answers in Genesis
Vision Forum Ministries

The conference is set for Dec 10-12 and we are REALLY hoping that we can make it. We are working hard to see if we can trailer-it-up there (unlikely, isn't there snow?), find a campsite (also unlikely, isn't it freezing?), or get a hotel. We’re not even sure if I will be off from work, but we’re sure God will work something out for us…as long as that leave chit gets in there!

We’d love it if some of our brothers and sisters in Christ could find a way to get up there also and join us. You can check-out the info here. They have a great web-site with some updated blog articles about what’s happening in our culture and why we need to get back to The Word to get the family, the church, and the country back on track.
~Mr. Pilot

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