Stuff in Storage

I would have to say that was the easiest household goods move we have ever had. It was smooth and painless, everything went right into the storage unit and fit perfectly. I resisted the urge to grab anything I suddenly "missed" or "needed" and only snagged a few items that I had been thinking about since living in the trailer. While I am glad we now have access to our bikes and winter clothes, we also have our work cut out for us because there is definitely tons of stuff that we can get rid of still. I don't like paying for a larger size storage unit than we actually need only because it is filled with junk. I would like to sort out the junk and move the important stuff into a smaller unit. I wish I could pretend like it isn't there and just leave it for a year and go through it when transfer out of here (if we move back into a house) but it is like a splinter in the hand, I will not be able to forget about it. I will have to find the time over the next couple of months and get it all sorted out. It is just work, right?
Two items I grabbed out were a little rid-on-toy and the bouncing zebra for Pops. It was perfect timing for his age, he loves them both! He thinks he's pretty hot stuff though, in just a couple of minutes of figuring out how to climb on the toys, he discovered how much fun it is to stand up on them. I debated on grabbing the camera but decided against it when he let go to clap his hands in excitement at his accomplishment. What a stinker!

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