Back and Moving

Back- While I cannot say we were excited to leave for home, we are glad we are back. We had so much fun with our friends, we were pretty sad to leave. If Dad was already home we would be much more excited to be back, but we will still have to wait a couple of days for him. His trip to the boat was delayed and extended which is no big shocker. Seems there is always a delay when the Navy is involved. (i.e. - we still haven't been paid for moving to Meridian.) So we are just moving along with our regular life waiting for Daddy.

Moving- Whatever we didn't sell or give away was put into temporary storage by the Navy and tomorrow I have to meet the movers at a storage unit and take possession of our household goods. Of course we scheduled the delivery before we knew Dad's trip would be extended and of course the movers can't reschedule. Thank God for some wonderful men from our church who are going to meet me and move all of our stuff into the unit. It is only 6,000 lbs but I feel like it is still too much stuff and I can't even remember what it all is. When we moved to Florida we had 13,000 lbs and now we have about 7,000 with the storage and our stuff in the travel trailer all added together. Crazy thing, I can't even tell you what the 6,000 lbs of stuff we got rid of was, and I can't remember much of what is in the shipment we'll receive tomorrow. I remembered thinking when they packed up all our stuff that I would feel like it was Christmas morning when we received our household goods, like opening up presents of long lost treasures. Now that the day is almost here, I wish I could close my eyes and make it all go away. I don't want to sort through anything yet again. I don't want to figure out what I can part with and what I will never miss. I don't even want look at the 50" TV or the really big (and really comfortable) sectional sofa that we bought (for our material world) only a few months before deciding to move into the travel trailer.

Who knows, maybe I will find something really great that I had forgotten about. Maybe it will actually feel like Christmas morning. Or, maybe I will be reminded that it is all just stuff. Stuff that doesn't matter. I am betting on the latter, but I'll let you know.

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