Books, books, we love books!

On the sidebar you will see a list of books. There isn't room for me to explain this list there so I'll do it here.

These are books that we have started reading just since living in the travel trailer. The books at the top of the list marked by an asterisk ( * ) are the books that we have started and finished reading since living in the travel trailer.

When I look at the list I am a bit amazed. I wonder if you think we have books glued to our faces or something. Nope, we don't. We don't sit around reading all day either, as much as Guys and I might wish. We typically only read school books during the day, and read all the rest of the books in the evening, after the babies go to bed. No, we don't stay up all night either. Most nights, anyway. Some of us happen to be pretty fast readers. I would say speed readers, but we don't actually have any speed reading certificates so I don't think we can claim that title. We just really love reading.

It also really helps that we don't have a t.v.

Since we read so many books and they are books you typically cannot find in the library, we are always on the lookout for bargains. I just found out that if you agree to post a book report on your blog, certain publishers will give you books for free. FREE. That is just the right price for me.

So, you will be seeing some book reports around here.
I will be sure to make it clear which are the books that I am actually recommending and which are the books that I have to report on so you don't think I just love every book I read.

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