Our Adventure for Leif Erickson Day

I don't like when so many days pass without a blog post because then I have a ton of posts floating in my head and don't know which ones to share.

We woke up on a couple Friday morning's ago and saw that it was Leif Erickson day. Since Dad wasn't on the schedule for work and we are about to finish our study on Leif, we decided to take a voyage. See, when you homeschool and aren't tied down to your stuff you can wake up and decide to do completely spontaneous things and have fun adventures.

So we got in our Viking Ship (big van) and set out to explore a new world. Somehow or another the new land we discovered was Milton, Florida. More specifically, it was at our friends, aka the Culburrito's house. Funny how that worked out. It's a 3.5 hour drive and the kids didn't start asking if we were really on a Leif adventure until we entered Milton. They knew we were on the road to Florida, but I think they thought we were going to the ocean or something. We played as thought the waves were taking us where the wind blew all the way until we pulled in the Culburrito's driveway. The children giggled at our surprise.

We planned on staying the weekend and we ended up staying for a whole week. We might be getting addicted to all the sugar they feed us. Actually, we just like how awesome they are and how much we learn from them. I think they learn from us too, though I am not sure what.

4 adults, 1 teenager, 9 children, 2 babies, 3 dogs and 3 cats.
In a 4 bedroom house.

Bet you don't believe me. But, seriousely, it was totally calm, laid back, and fun. And in the words of the 1 teenager - is was awesome, totally awesome.

Since we said goodbye to them in Milton back in July, we only had plans to see them for Thanksgiving. We have something big planned. We have actually seen them three times already, and are really glad for it.
The 3.5 hour drive is nothing, but it's going to be so sad when they transfer off to the other side of the country for their next part of flight school...

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  1. That '1 teenager' must of been really smart, and awesome. Cause only awesome people can see awesomeness. looks like we'll live here in Florida for a lot longer than we thought. We'll probably move to Jacksonville after here. So, you guys will still be semi-close!

    Kait Culburitto.


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