My Birthday

I turned a year older last Saturday and I wanted to share what a wonderful birthday I had this year. I received hugs, kisses, cards, some cash (yeah!), a Beverly Lewis book, and other very thoughtful gifts from my family and friends.

I got real Cowboy boots from my darling hubby. I have always wanted some, and now I have them. I love them. He actually gave them to me about a month ago and I have been wearing them ever since, but they were for my birthday.

While we were in Florida my wonderful Culburrito friends made me a part of their family birthday tradition, a sweet surprise for me. The Mission Impossible theme song clued everyone in that the celebration was starting and their children all started yelling "A birthday!" Then I was handed a birthday card that contained the first of several rhyming clues, written by the 1 Teenager, and I started off on my very own scavenger hunt. What fun!

I finally found my present buried in the backyard. It was really fun digging in the dirt in the dark with 10 of the 12 children just as eager to see my treasure as I was. My gift was the "Two Alike" Willow Tree figure. It made me cry.

When we got back inside the house my hubby and Mr. Culburrito had the candles on my cake lit. As 3 Adults, 1 Teenager, and 9 Children sang me Happy Birthday and I blew out my candles I cried again. No, I wasn't sad for the blazing fire of candles representing how old I was, I was crying because I dislike cake very much and it wasn't cake.

It was mashed potatoes with gravy for icing. I super love my friends.

I thought we were having mashed potatoes for supper, but they had cleverly told me that Mr. Culburrito dropped the mashed potatoes on the floor while mashing them. It is a good thing I believed them, I am notorious for ruining my own surprises.

The Navy Ball also happened to be on my birthday this year. I love the Navy Ball!

We got all dressed up and had a lovely night out.

I won the beautiful table centerpiece with very sweet smelling and gorgeous Lilies. Almost a week later and they are still looking and smelling delicious.
To end the night I won a $50 door prize!
Yes, this was indeed a lovely birthday. I have so much to be thankful for in my life.
PS~ Don't bother trying to count the candles on my cake, I am not yet 30, that is all that matters ;~)


  1. This is beautiful! I'm glad you had such a wonderful celebration!


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