Happy Birthday Little Bird!

My, oh my, a whole year has gone by! It brings a tear to my eye. I just made that rhyme on the fly. Ok, I didn't right a sweet little poem for my boy, but I did just get his journal in the mail today. Perfect timing to start writing to him.

One year ago today I went to co-op like normal and met my best Culburrito friend for the first time. I hung around the house with another sweet friend and I was feeling pretty good. It wasn't until Boy casually said mid conversation "Mom, I think you need to sit down" that I finally decided to call Dad. I still wasn't convinced it was time, but he said lets go on head since it was an hour drive to the hospital. Our little Bird arrived by VBAC only 1.5 hours after we arrived. I don't think it could have been better.
He was almost 3 weeks early and 7lbs 2oz with super sweet blond hair.

His first week was full of hugs and kisses and so much love!

The poor lil' guy has an aspiring photographer for a mother, but he was happy to provide and adorable model for me to practice.

Our sweet boy became and actor at only a few weeks old, and he played his part perfectly. A nearby church called and asked if we could perform as Mary, Joseph, and Jesus for their performance. It was an awesome experience.

For Christmas Bird made his first road trip, a drive to mama's hometown near Chicago. There Lil Bird met almost all of his extended family, saw his uncle graduate from Boot Camp, took a train into and went around the Windy City inside the warmth and comfort of mama's shirt.

In January he was looking bright eyed!

and he was laughing in February.

in March we went to Louisiana for a life changing Above Rubies retreat and Pops discovered his tongue.

April brought two teeth and good sleep.

In May he had his first swim and we discovered he loves water!

During June we went camping at the Blue Angel Beach and he ate some sand, and he celebrated Daddy's selection as a Jet Pilot.

In July we made our move to Mississippi. Pops discovered the freedom of not wearing a diaper and began running away during diaper changes.

In August Pops is happy to show his irritation when he isn't getting his way! He enjoyed a trip to the Rodeo and loves to cuddle with Dad and Mom. He also started walking this month!

In September Pops had a visit from his grandparents and the Culburritos. He is so silly and is a wonderfully happy boy!

And today he is ONE!

This year has sure gone by fast, but has been truly blessed by having this lil' guy to enjoy. His hair is still blond, he has 7 teeth, and he can run. When he starts to stumble he puts his hands up in the air as if to hold on, walks in a little circle until he rights himself and then keeps on going without falling. He looks a bit like Jack Sparrow and it makes us all laugh! Lil' Bird loves to explore and climb on anything he can reach. He also loves to snuggle, sing, and dance, and squeal. I think my favorite is the snuggling though, it sure warms my heart. It is wonderful to have a baby in the house! Happy Birthday Pops!


  1. This is the sweetest birthday post I've ever seen! Your photographs are just is your little man :-)

  2. Snif, snif. I can't believe our babies are as big as they are! Totally bitter sweet.


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