Finished Reading!

Hey, so we finished a couple of books recently, that we wanted to talk about. We kinda have a late push to get done all that we can before I start working full time this Monday!

Mom and the children finished King of the Wind. It was the first book in the "History of the Horse" curriculum set. We did a lot of drawing maps, including Morocco, France, and England, while we followed Sham through his adventures. We also are learning how to draw horses from another book that came with the set, we drew several Arabian horses, and I think they were all very satisfied with their improvements.

Mom just finished a Beverly Lewis book, Summerhill Secrets 1, that she got for her birthday. She loves the Amish, and says she wants to be like them. I think she's crazy and reading books about them will have to suffice.

Mom and I also just finished From Playpen to Podium too! It was an excellent Christian book about creating a very communication friendly and encouraging environment. Surprisingly we found that many of the tips they give you for encouraging communication in babies and toddlers are things that we've always just done! Maybe this attests to how quickly our little ones start talking and getting involved. We also like many of the tips for teaching the older children how to start looking at the world around them and actually analyzing it and trying to understand the messages conveyed. We recently did and exercise when my son asked me what a certain billboard was showing. We got to discuss all kinds of things about: Who made the advertisement? What are they selling? How are they trying to sell it? Is it effective? etc... It was an excellent experience.

We'll see how many books we're able to read now that work is back on. Well, I'm sure that mom and the children will be able to continue at a good pace, but I maybe fairly slowed down. Oh, well. We'll keep ya'll posted.

-Mr. Pilot

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  1. Here;s a specially special comment, just for you Papa Graham. I Disntinctly remember you saying something about how you wanted one while you guys were down here. So, here's my Christmas present to ya.

    Now let me go read the post...

    Kait Culburrito


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