Memory Journal

Mom thinking out loud as the shelf came crashing down ~ What in the world?
Butter ~ Oh, no! I will get Dad!
Butter to Dad ~ Dad, quick! The World!
Dad ~ What?
Butter ~ The World!

It is truly a JOY to raise little ones.

I just ordered special blank journals, one for each of my children. I want to write moments like these down, so they don't get lost in life. It is my plan to keep a record for each child of the funny things they say, special milestones and moments, along with the struggles and trials they experience. I will also include specifically chosen Bible verses and the prayers that we pray for each one of our children.

We will then present to each child their own journal sometime later in life, maybe on their 18th Birthday or their wedding day...

What a special way to pass down the memories!

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